Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale 

Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale is also a part of Setting Up QuickBooks Point Of Sale on a computer. All parts of this article-



  • Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale

  • Minimum System Requirements for QuickBooks POS

  • Installing QuickBooks POS on your computer

  • Resolving basic installation errors for QuickBooks POS

  • How to download QuickBooks Point Of Sale





Registration will be required for QuickBooks to create, Open or use a company file.

Registration is very important if you want to use QuickBooks on your computer. Registration will be required each time you install QuickBooks to your computer, Other computer or on multiple computers. As soon as the software gets installed you must register the product or else you will not be able to work on QuickBooks. Even if you reinstall QuickBooks on the same computer it will ask you to register your product.


Registration form for QuickBooks Point Of Sale


If you are using a working internet connection on your computer, the registration form will be displayed to you by QuickBooks. In this particular form enter the last 4- digits of your registered business phone number secondly you need to enter the local zip code of your area.


Note- In case you have purchased the product from a local retailer you can register by calling QuickBooks Technical Support

Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Validation code for QuickBooks Point Of Sale


If you don’t have a working internet connection on your computer, QuickBooks will display a phone registration pop up window. In this, you will be required to contact QuickBooks Technical Support and get your product registered. The validation code will be provided by our agents at Customer Support.

Activate QuickBooks Point Of Sale

What should you do if facing any trouble in registering your Product?


  • QuickBooks might ask you to verify information at the time of registration, The information that you provide at the time of registration should be the same as the information that you provided during the purchase of QuickBooks POS. In case the provided information is incorrect, it will get rejected for registration.
  • In case you are facing any issue during registration like- blank screen, force shut down of application or any kind of error message, try disabling your anti-malware software which might interfere in the process. In case the problem persists call QuickBooks Technical Support


Users that are using a Older version of Software


As stated in the Intuit’s product discontinuation plan, the product that is discontinued will not be able to register. Always use the latest product.


In case you are re-registering your older product that has already been registered once and are being re-installed on the same computer, you will not face any problem registering the product. But in case you are having trouble registering your product that is already registered once you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support to provide you the validation code for your software.


Validation for QuickBooks is a very essential process as it verifies that you are using a genuine copy of the software on your computer. Piracy or messing up with security features of the software is a punishable offence. Always  use genuine software.

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