How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0

This article consists of recommended solutions to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0. Never use any other fixation methods to prevent data loss and data damage. For more information and help Call QuickBooks Technical Support and get consulted by a Certified ProAdvisor.


QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0 basically affects the process of your company file and in some critical cases, it does not let you open your company file and start showing you pop up error messages.

This means that error can now damage your company file. If you face any issues regarding Data Loss you can contact QuickBooks Data Recovery Team. 


Here we will direct you through recommended solutions that you can try and might even fix the error by yourself. Make sure you follow the procedure accurately.


Here is a pop up that you will see while opening your company file:-

fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0

Before following the steps make sure that you are not using any third-party anti-malware software like “McAfee”, Contact service provider for your third party software if it’s blocking your QuickBooks without any reason. If QuickBooks is infected by any malware contact QuickBooks Technical Support.


Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6123,0


1- The Error was encountered while a user was trying to upgrade his company file

Here’s what you need to do-


Part 1- Using a Refresher Tool for your QuickBooks


Intuit Provides a Refresher tool for QuickBooks users which can close every background process affecting QuickBooks. This tool also has the ability to refresh all your QuickBooks Program files that may be damaged. Using this tool might fix the error if it has not reached the critical state.


Download QuickBooks Refresher tool and perform the steps mentioned below:-


  • If you have any running task on your QuickBooks you should wait unlit it is over or else you can close it if not important.
  • Now you need to close any running process that is related to QuickBooks through task manager.
  • Find QuickBooks Refresher tool “.exe” icon and apply double click on it.
  • Follow the provided on-screen prompts to start the procedure. The procedure could last up to min 30 seconds depending on the speed of your computer.
  • Once refresher too has done the work you may try using QuickBooks to see if an error exists.


Part 2- Using the Intuit File Doctor for QuickBooks


Once you have used the Refresher tool on your QuickBooks but yet you are facing the error, then you could try using QuickBooks File Doctor. Intuit provides this tool for QuickBooks users as this tool has the capability to fix various minor issues that can bring up problems in QuickBooks.


Download QuickBooks file doctor and then follow the procedure that is mentioned below:-


  • Always save the file at a location that is easy to access. You need a working internet connection for this procedure.
  • If you have any older version of File doctor installed on your computer uninstall it.
  • Install the latest version that you have downloaded.
  • Once installed open the application for File Doctor.
  • If you are prompted to use the online version on file doctor click no.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor will provide instruction on your screen that you need to follow.
  • Browse and select your company file.
  • Mark the checkmark box available for “Check File Damage Only” and simply click the diagnose button.
  • File doctor will ask you to enter your admin password to make sure you are a valid user.
  • Now you need to choose the option for” Repair File In Existing Version” and then click the next button.
  • File doctor might display a recommendation to upgrade the file in the new version click yes. 
  • Now you will notice that the file doctor is running its procedure wait for it to end as it might take some time depending on your computer speed.
  •   Once the File doctor has completed the fix it will provide you a list from which you need to select your company file and click on “Open QuickBooks”.
  • If QuickBooks File Doctor Displays that fix was unsuccessful then contact QuickBooks Technical Support.


Note- Always keep a recent copy of backup for your company file so that you can use it if it gets damaged.  If you have used the above-mentioned steps and still facing the error the contact QuickBooks ProAdvisors.


2- Error encountered by the user during the restoration of the company file.

If you are trying to restore the company file which is saved on any kind of portable storage do make sure that you save those files locally to prevent any type of error. Opening the company file through online storage might also bring up errors. 


Here are steps you are required to follow in order to fix the error-


  • Try using the backup file on the same computer where the backup was originally created.
  • Try using the original copy from which you created the backup to make sure you have not made a backup of the damaged file.
  • Create a fresh copy of backup if the original file is running.
  • Once new backup is created you can try to restore it again.
  • Hopefully, an error will be resolved by this procedure or else contact QuickBooks Data Recovery Team.


These all ware the recommended solutions for this particular error code. Don’t follow any other fix on QuickBooks. Dial QuickBooks Phone Number 1-800-416-8574 for professionals to work on your issue if you don’t want data damage or data loss.

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