How To Download QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Download QuickBooks Point Of Sale article is one part of five different processes that you need to follow in order to set up your QuickBooks Point Of Sale.


All parts of article setting up your QuickBooks Point Of Sale

  • Download QuickBooks Point Of Sale

  • Minimum System Requirements for QuickBooks POS

  • Installing QuickBooks POS on your computer

  • Resolving basic installation errors for QuickBooks POS

  • Activating your QuickBooks POS

How to download QuickBooks Point of sale on my computer?


QuickBooks Point Of Sale is on of the leading financial software available in the market because it provides most updated features and does quality work for its user. QuickBooks Point of sale can either be purchased through a local retailer or you can buy it online.


If you prefer to buy QuickBooks From online Intuit store then after you have completed your purchase you have to download the software from our  Download and Update Page or Contact QuickBooks Support team.


Follow steps mentioned below once you are in Download & Update page-

  • From the page use the Dropdown Menu to select the product “QuickBooks POS”

Download QuickBooks Point Of Sale

  • Now use the other drop-downs to select the preferred Edition & version of the software

Download QuickBooks Point Of Sale

  • Once all details have bee selected for your product click on the Search button.
  • Now the webpage will display your desired product just click on the download.

Download QuickBooks Point Of Sale

  • Once the download is complete you can simply install the software on your computer.


If you want to learn about Installation process of QuickBooks Point Of Sale then refer to – QuickBooks POS Installation Process


FAQ’s Regarding the download of QuickBooks POS?


Q- What else i will be required to have to getting started with QuickBooks POS?

  • Once you have downloaded the software the only this that will be asked for is the Product & License number which u have purchased.


Q-Where can i find my licence and product number for QuickBooks POS?


  • If Purchased from online store-  If you have purchased access for QuickBooks from Intuit online store then you will receive a purchase confirmation message on registered email address. This particular email consists of all important details that you will need for using QuickBooks. If you lose the email you can simply login into your intuit account through a web browser and got to the page for “Product & Service”.


  • If purchased from a local retailer- If you purchase your copy of QuickBooks from a local retailer then you will be provided with a installation CD for QuickBook, On the backside of the CD pakaging there will be a Scratch-off label which will reveal your Product number and license number.


  • If every detail is lost- In this case you should contact QuickBooks Technical Support for assistance.



Q- what i need to do if i just want to upgrade my QuickBooks?

  • Go to Download & Update page and simply download and install the update patch for your QuickBooks.


Q- What can i do if the version i need is not available for download?

  • This can only happen if you are lookingfor a version that is too old and we have ended support for it as older version may cause problem with new computers. We strongly recommend you to use the latest version to get the best performance. 


If you have any Question Regarding QuickBooks or need technical assistance Contact QuickBooks Technical Support.

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