How to fix QuickBooks Error Code: 6177,0

In this article, we will explain to you how you can fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0 if ever encountered. This particular error code can be encountered while opening your QuickBooks company file or while adding a new company file.

This error can be the reason for data damage that can occur to QuickBooks’ mainframe file or QuickBooks company file. This particular error if not treated properly can cause critical data damage. Make sure that you only follow the recommended solutions for the best results and prevent data damage. If you are not able to fix the error or data damage has reached a critical stage please contact QuickBooks Technical Support for further assistance to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0.

Getting QuickBooks Error code 6177,0 can directly indicate that your data is at risk.

Note- If you have a full version of QuickBooks that is installed on your server computer please follow the steps mentioned in this article. If you don’t have access to server computer contact the operator of the server computer or else try to fix on workstation.

fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0

Step 1- Updating your QuickBooks Database to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0

In case you have not installed the latest update patch for your QuickBooks then you can try to update your QuickBooks database which might fix the error.

Open QuickBooks Download & update the page.

Download the latest update patch available for your version of QuickBooks.

Save the downloaded file at a location where it is easy to access.

Double click on the downloaded file and keep following the on-screen prompts to install an update patch.

Once the update is complete restart your computer.

Step 2- Making changes in the file location to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0

If you are using the company file on any portable disk or any kind of online storage then you must save that file locally.

Create a new folder in the QuickBooks folder which can be found in local disk C inside program files.

Name that folder “Company Data”.

Move your company file in this folder.

To find your company file, open your QuickBooks and press the F2 key.

A company file has an extension of “.qbw”.

Try to work on your company file again.

Note: These steps are meant to be followed on the server computer but in case you are unable to access the server computer you can try these steps on your workstation. If the problem persists or QuickBooks company file is not able to run contact QuickBooks technical support.

Creating a portable backup for your company file

Open QuickBooks on the computer that has your company files stores.

Click on the option that says “Open or restore an existing company”.

Borse to your company file from QuickBooks.

Simply create a portable backup for this company file which can be used to restore the company if ever data gets lost.

Open the file menu in your QuickBooks and then select the option “Quit QuickBooks”. Now again open QuickBooks Desktop.

Open file menu in QuickBooks again and select Open or restore company file.

Select the restore company file if you want to restore your company file if lost and check if you are able to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0.

Step 3- Manual fix for your file path to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0

First, you have to find the network distributor files.

Open windows file explorer and go to QuickBooks Folder in C drive.

In this folder look for the file that has the name of your company file but end with the extension of “.nd”.
Apply right click on the file once found and select Delete.

Click yes on the confirmation pop-up.

Configurations for QuickBooks Database Manager

If you don’t have QuickBooks Database manager installed on your computer then download and install the database manager.

To find database manager press windows+S key on your keyboard.

In the search bar enter “QuickBooks Database” and press the enter key. Look for QuickBooks database manager in search results.

Open QuickBooks Database Manager by double-clicking on it.

Select the folder of your company file.

Click on the Start scan.

Once the scan is completed close QuickBooks Database Manager.

Restart the computer and try to use QuickBooks again. See if the error is you are able to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0 or not. If the error persists contact QuickBooks Technical Support for help. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors will help you to fix QuickBooks Error 6177,0

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