Verify and Rebuild Data Utility in QuickBooks Desktop

Verify and Rebuild Data Utility in QuickBooks Desktop : Verify data utility can be used within the QuickBooks to detect some of the common issues in company file that can bring up errors whereas the rebuild data utility can be used to resolve those detected issues that verify data found so that you prevent errors in future.


Some common reasons where these utilities can be found useful-


  • Various fatal errors that can come up while you were using the QuickBooks.
  • To fix the discrepancies on various reports( invoices/bills) that are posting negative values.
  • Already deposited payment being showed in Payment to be deposited window.
  • All accounts not being found on the Balanced sheet report.
  • Missing name on lists.
  • Missing transactions in QuickBooks.
  • A regular checkup for the company file to prevent various errors related to the company file.


Here are the steps you need to follow correctly to use both of these utilities on your QuickBooks Desktop-


  • Select Window and click on “Close all”.
  • To run Verify Data Utility- 
  • Open file menu in QuickBooks and select Utilities.
  • Click on verify Data.
  • Now, wait for QuickBooks to verify data and display the results.
  • If QuickBooks Verify Data Utility does not detect any issue in your company file then you don’t need to take any further issue as your file is good to be used.
  • If any specific error message is being displayed the look for its solutions in our Knowledgebase.
  • If Verify data utility displays “ Your data has lost integrity” then it means that there is any kind of Data damage on your company file. In this case, you would have to run the Rebuild Data utility which might fix the problem if not critical.


  • To run Rebuild Data Utility-


  • Open the file menu in QuickBooks and select Utilities.
  • Click on Rebuild Data.
  • Now QuickBooks will display a warning message that will ask you to backup your company file. Click ok if you don’t have a recent backup of your company file.

Note- Baking up your company file is important as rebuild data might delete list entries and transactions that are causing the error.

  • Select a preferred location for your backup to be saved and then click OK.
  • If you are prompted to replace another copy of backup then click on no, simply rename the backup and then proceed.
  • If the backup fails then cancel the rebuilt process and contact QuickBooks Technical Support for help.
  • If the backup was successful  click on ok when it displays “Rebuild has completed”


  • Once the rebuild data process gets completed run the verify data utility again to make sure that there is no data damage remaining.
  • If Verify data utility is still showing you data issues then it means that Rebuild Data utility was unable to fix the issue because of it being at a critical stage in this case, you must get connected to QuickBooks Technical Support  For further assistance.
  • If there is no error found but there is a problem then you must try to restore your backup file again.
  • This will help you to Verify and Rebuild Data Utility in QuickBooks Desktop


These utilities can be very useful in some cases but if there is critical data damage then you would require the help of our QuickBooks Technical Support  to prevent any data loss. 

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